Payment Processor

We need to have a payment processor in order to withdraw our earnings from the internet. That is why I have informed my readers about the importance of an online account. You need to have enough experience with online payment processors in order to make successful transactions using the internet. There are lots of payment processors processing payments for their users. They are having lots of merchants and doing great business with them.

To get the right payment processing service you must need to join Alert Pay. They are providing professional services which are really effective. Their users really love their website because of the massive services they are getting from the website. They are offering both personal accounts and business accounts for their customers. That means whatever you are an individual or running a business you can join them and take advantages of their services. Whatever you are a seller or a buyer you can use their processor to process your payments.

Please note that there will be a small fee and they are handling that as per their need. You can get started with their personal account. They will be providing you with their fast and secure payment processing system. You can use your credit card while paying for goods using their website. There are several options available for depositing and withdrawing funds using their website. They support money transactions at over 190 countries. So, you will be able to buy and sell products to several countries using their online payment processing service.

Earn Money

If you are willing to make some extra bucks you must try their referral program. You will be making 5 US Dollar for every qualified person you will be referring. You must need to make sure about qualified referrals in order to make money from this system. After your tenth referral they will be paying you 10 US Dollar to your account. There are having their privacy policy and it is your duty to make sure about them while using their website to process your payments. Your referred person must need to register with them for a personal or a business account. Your referred members need to transact over 250 US Dollar. As I said before after the tenth referral they will be paying you 10 US Dollar for each referral. They do not reward self referral or referral from same internet protocol. So, you must need to make sure about that. You can either promote their website through banners or text links. You need to sign in to your alert pay to integrate those affiliate materials on your website in order to make money online. As per my experience you will be able to make lots of money through referring your friends to them.


If you are running a business and willing to join them for your business you are most welcome to join them. They will be providing you with their secure payment processing solutions. You will be enjoying their secure system. Even you will love to be using their services for your business. You just need to sign up with their business account for that. They support and accept credit card payments. If you are running multiply online businesses you will be able to maintain them using the website called Alert Pay. Their integration system is really easy to use and they will be providing you with their professional fraud protection system. Their website is verified by Visa. So, you can take advantages of their services without any risk. You will be able to send money world wide without any charge. They will be providing you the service for free.

So, you do not have to pay any fee for that. They support member to member transfer. You can also send money to your family, friends, and sellers through their payment processor called Alert Pay. You just have to sign in to your account and click the send money tab for that. The member whom you want to send money through the payment processor must need to have an account with Alert Pay in order to receive the amount from your end. If he or she do not has an account with the payment processor he or she must need to open an account with Alert Pay. You can buy and sell products using the online account of yours.

For selling products you just need to integrate Alert Pay payment buttons on your website. After that your buyers will be able to purchase products form your online store. If you want to purchase products from shops you just need to use your alert pay account for that. That is how the system works. As the website is verified and secure you will not be facing any problem using the online payment processor. You have to agree with their user agreement while register with them.

Things To Consider In Choosing A Payment Processor

People today shop or pays transactions online. They are using e-currency payment system to do their payments. For businessmen, this is advantageous. A businessman can accept payments for products and services rendered from their customers easy and fast. Choosing a partner in business is risky that’s why there are several things to consider.

Payment methods are evolving. Electronically initiated debits and credits has become the dominant payment mode. E – Commerce has formed a state of the art infrastructure in the operation of e-payment system through the creation of e – currencies issued by different private companies. There are different types of e-currency and processing technologies today.

Merchants and corporation must be wise in choosing the right payment system for their businesses. These are just some tips that a businessman needs to consider in choosing an online payment system for their businesses:

Security must be the first thing you have to consider in choosing a payment processor. Why? You have to choose a secured payment processor for your business transactions. No businessman wants to have fraudulent payers around them. Choose one that threads layers of security within their e-currency system.

Each have different range in their transaction fees. That’s why people always want the cheapest but with competitive quality. You can gain more customers by partnering with a payment portal that has low transaction fees and at the same time offers premier services. Quality service!

Nobody wants a delayed payment and transactions? You must settle your transactions using a payment processor that offers a friendly user system. Others have complicated interface and commands which needs further knowledge in computer and financing fundamentals, this consumes a lot of time. It is wise to choose a payment portal that can process single or batch payments automatically in seconds. The faster the better!

Would you leave fate on it? You must make sure that the future of your business will last a lifetime. Every businessman with proper planning and systematized implementation has better future ahead of them. Choosing a payment processor that is stable and has good reputation will be the key to success.

Legality of the company is a must! You will never excel in an industry if you abide the law, everything should be done with just and order. Never select one that does not follow the International Money Transfer Laws and International Money Laundering Abatement and Financial Anti-Terrorism Act.

What is a Payment Processor?

Payment processors store your money in the form of e currency. E-currency is the online value of your money in the form of dollar or euro etc.

These payment processors provide a platform to store and spend your money. The balance can be spent on various programs like HYIP or Forex or PTC and many more. Or the balance can be used to get a lot of products online and pay through the digital currency rather than credit cards and demand drafts. And for providing such service they charge you some fee on every transaction that is made. The fee is mostly on the money you receive and not on the money you send. This is how digital currencies work.

Various merchants (online sites which have a business like HYIP or Forex etc are called so) encourage their members to use these processors as they can pay you for your activity into these processors only.

A few payment processors ask for verification using your Credit card or your Id details these are online payment processors which are more like online banks. But a few processors which are better called digital currencies don’t need any verification. Both of them have difference in their working, which will be discussed later.

There are various methods to transfer your balance to your banks. A few online payment processors have direct transfer to your bank account, with a little fee depending on how much you want to transfer. A few more payment processors, digital currencies, don’t have the option of direct wire transfer to your bank instead you can exchange your balance with a lot of exchangers that are available in the site and the exchanger will have his own fee and they will directly deposit it into your account.